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Fiber all the way makes all the difference. Would you like fast, super fast, or the fastest?

Most "fiber broadband" services are not Fiber Broadband. They are fiber-and-copper: fiber optic cabling from the exchange to your street, then copper phone wires into your building. And that copper really spoils the fun. As a technology, it's 140 years old.

Utopia Networks specialises in bringing full fiber optic broadband direct to multi-dwelling buildings such as apartments and offices. If your building is within our catchment area, and enough residents show support by registering online, we can connect you to our future-proof full fibre network.
How we install:
  1. Enough people register interest online
  2. We connect fibre cabling directly to your building
  3. Cabling is run discreetly to each home or unit
  4. Each user connects via a HyperHub router
  5. And that's it. Our technicians then keep your service running smoothly, and our customer service team is always here to help 24/7.